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What do you call a beach towel with a High IQ?

More than just a pretty face

There’s a lot more going on for a Tesalate towel behind its insatiably good looks. Utilising cutting-edge textile technology, we created our exclusive AbsorbLite™ microfiber to bring you a towel that’s simply smarter than the rest. 

Our exclusive AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide) has been specifically engineered to create a towel that makes your beach days more awesome than before. Find out how below.

Tesalate Montego Bay

Reimagining the beach towel meant evolving the way beach towels were made. 

Sand Free Sand Free

Unlike regular towels where sand can get caught in loop fibres, AbsorbLite’s smooth and silk engineering allows for sand to slip off easily. So you leave the beach at the beach.

Absorbent Ultra Absorbent

This baby will retain up to a litre of water. The wetter you get, the better.

Compact Compact & Lightweight

No more bulky towels. The lightweight nature of AbsorbLite™ means our towels roll up into a compact size to fit into your tote.

Sun Rapid-Dry

Easily one of our favourite features of AbsorbLite™ fabric. A Tesalate towel is engineered to dry in half the time than the regular for no more post-dip soggy towels.

Tesalate Leaf Me Alone

We knew the same old textile wasn’t going to cut it.
So, we invented our own.

Design: Practically daring

We believe the best kind of design is adventurous yet advantageous.

AbsorbLite is engineered to retain a vibrant aesthetic, but with a durability that will ensure it outlives your regular towel.


On-trend yet practical, the double-sided graphic design has been specifically designed to transform your bold style by simply flipping it over.

One side of your Tesalate towel has our signature black and white triangle pattern, and the other one of our vibrant eye catching designs. Now your towel will be a perfect match for your swimwear.

Take it with you

Our compact super-absorbent towel is designed for the beach but works perfectly with yoga, at the gym or while you travel.

Whoever thought a beach towel could be so practically daring?

Tesalate Acapulco

Our vision when we created Tesalate was to simply make your beach days better.